With a speech by the CEO of Cryptobuyer, the Crypto Night 2020 started for all audiences.

During the afternoon of this Saturday, December 5th, the general and open day for all the public of Crypto Night 2020 was held, after having 3 days with unique events and talks for the VIP public.

In the first presentation that this event organized by the Chilean Association of Cryptotechnologies had, Jorge Farias, CEO of Cryptobuyer exchange, was presenting the panorama of the adoption of the main crypto currency of the market within the Latin American region, especially in the economies that are presented as problematic.

First of all, Farias pointed out that the data of Coin.Dance shows the volume of P2P markets in Latin American markets, showing how in the countries with higher inflationary rhythm, an increase in the amount of operations can be seen, making special mention of the markets of Venezuela and Argentina.

On the other hand, he also made reference to the report by Chainalysis, where the volume of 2 billion dollars was reflected, demarcating that there is an established market in the region and showing how the crypto currencies have served to evade capital controls and speed up the remittance market.

Venezuela in the Ecosystem

Likewise, Farias also focused his presentation on the case of Venezuela, and for this he started by saying that since Cryptobuyer they have studied statistics that show that by December 2019, only 0.5% of the transactions in Venezuela were made through online transactions, while by December 2020 they saw that those transactions already exceed 3%, which demarcates a growth for this type of payments in the nation.

On the other hand, the CEO of Cryptobuyer focused on explaining how an incensurable asset like Bitcoin has been so popular in Venezuela, and also explained the experience the company has had in promoting satellite nodes in the country and the work they have been doing to install a Mesh network, to be able to make Bitcoin transactions without the need of having an internet connection.

Finally, Farias was explaining the experience of Cryptobuyer in Venezuela, mentioning how they have been emerging to offer businesses the possibility of charging in crypto currencies for their customers.