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A ‚tidal wave‘ of capital is rolling towards Bitcoin

A ‚tidal wave‘ of capital is rolling towards Bitcoin: Skybridge Capital

  • Bitcoin has seen an extreme rally in the last three months, rising to $28,000.
  • Even after a slight correction, BTC is now still trading at $27,800.
  • Analysts believe that there will be a tidal wave of capital entering the cryptocurrency space, causing prices to rise even

Bitcoin could see a tidal wave of capital

Bitcoin has gone through an extreme rally in the last three months, rising to $28,000. Even after a slight correction, BTC is now trading for $26,500.

Many attribute this rally to institutional capital. There have been large funds, corporations, Crypto Engine and other firms in this class buying cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios.

For example, MicroStrategy, a business services firm that bought $650 million worth of bitcoin. The company writes of the purchase:

„TYSONS CORNER, Va.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Dec. 21, 2020- MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR) (the „Company“), the largest independent, publicly traded business intelligence company, today announced that it has purchased an additional approximately 29,646 Bitcoins for approximately $650.0 million in cash, at an average price of approximately $21,925 per Bitcoin, including fees and expenses.“

According to a slide deck from Skybridge Capital shared by bitcoin investor Hanson Birringer, the investment fund is expecting a tidal wave of institutional capital to rush into the bitcoin space.

The slide deck shows that the firm’s investors believe bitcoin will mature as an asset class. The slide deck specifically cites the entry of pension funds, RIAs, hedge funds and other institutional investors.
Retail demand also skyrockets

Retail investor demand for bitcoin is also skyrocketing.

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, recently found that the amount of Bitcoin being purchased by PayPal users is skyrocketing, accounting for more BTC than is mined each day:

„When @PayPal went live, the volume started to explode. The surge in itBit volume means that within two months of launch, PayPal is already buying more than 100% of the new supply of Bitcoins… In the last seven months, there have been two big shifts – one in demand, one in supply – both upwards. On the demand side, public companies like PayPal have entered the market. That shifts the demand curve significantly upwards. At the same time, the supply of newly issued BTC was halved in May – as part of the halving of bitcoin issuance that takes place every four years. So there are fewer BTC available. We titled our last investor letter „Bitcoin shortage“. The price is behaving as if there is a shortage.“

This spike in demand for bitcoin could lead to a shortage over time that will drive the price above $100,000 and beyond, according to analysis.

Dominance of Bitcoin (BTC) – When will the relief of leadership be?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) remains the leader among top-ranking cryptocurrencies in the short term, but beware, dominance comes under major technical resistance.

Bitcoin (BTC) in a speculative bubble?

The price of Bitcoin has progressed vertically since the technical breakout of old historical records, the famous $ 19,700 (€ 16,500) in December 2017. This technical resistance was overwhelmed 3 years later, triggering further acceleration of $ 8,000, relegating early supports to a dangerous distance for managing trading risk , essentially over the short-term time horizon.

The rout of the XRP token along with the legal dispute between the SEC and Ripple likely caused capital to move into BTC, thus assuming a “safe haven” role, but only within the crypto world. I believe the upside for a week has a speculative mini-bubble nature , beware of retracement risk as the market year ends tomorrow.

I invite you to watch my last video on this topic of Bitcoin’s current bullish excess:

Bitcoin Dominance Reaches Major Resistance

Without playing ominous birds, Bitcoin’s dominance is unlikely to reach 95% again, as the world before was a world without (or almost) altcoins. If we practice the technical analysis of the financial markets on the BTC dominance, a clear major resistance is present at 73%, I think that this barrier will not be crossed by the BTC, except for exceptional fact (for example, if the SEC attacks other major tokens).

The upcoming test of these 73% should cause a decline in dominance, this is naturally a personal opinion, in fine, only the proven facts will count.

Bitcoin-Front und Mitte im Coin Metrics-Bericht 2020

2020 war ein produktives Jahr für Bitcoin und dies hat zu einem massiven Anstieg der Anzahl der aktiven Wallet-Adressen in diesem Jahr geführt.

Die Erkenntnisse stammen aus dem State of the Network-Bericht von Cryptocurrency Analytics Coin Metrics, in dem die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus dem Weltraum im Jahr 2020 dargelegt wurden

Während Covid-19 die Volkswirtschaften auf der ganzen Welt behindert hat, erlebte der Kryptowährungsraum eine Phase großer Wiederbelebung.

Nicht mehr so, dass Bitcoin, das sich aus seinen Fesseln gelöst hat, um 2020 neue Höchststände zu erreichen .

„Rückgabe von Bitcoin“

Der Großteil des Artikels dreht sich um das Comeback-Jahr von Bitcoin und den Einfluss institutioneller Investitionen, die schließlich auf sinnvolle Weise in den Kryptowährungsraum gelangen.

In dem Artikel wurden bedeutende Investitionen von Unternehmen wie MicroStrategy, Square, MassMutual und anderen etablierten Finanzinstituten und Investoren erwähnt, die den Wertanstieg von Bitcoin vorangetrieben haben.

Eine vom Coin Metrics-Forscher Nate Maddrey identifizierte Schlüsselmetrik war die Anzahl der aktiven Bitcoin-Adressen, die von rund 600.000 aktiven Adressen um 100 Prozent auf 1,2 Millionen gestiegen ist.

Maddrey bemerkte auch, dass sich die Belohnung für den Bergbau von Bitcoin im Jahr 2020 halbierte, da dies ein zufälliger Zeitpunkt war und die US-Regierung weiterhin fiskalische Anreize setzte.

First Crypto Night 2020 Presentation Focuses on Bitcoin Adoption in Latin America

With a speech by the CEO of Cryptobuyer, the Crypto Night 2020 started for all audiences.

During the afternoon of this Saturday, December 5th, the general and open day for all the public of Crypto Night 2020 was held, after having 3 days with unique events and talks for the VIP public.

In the first presentation that this event organized by the Chilean Association of Cryptotechnologies had, Jorge Farias, CEO of Cryptobuyer exchange, was presenting the panorama of the adoption of the main crypto currency of the market within the Latin American region, especially in the economies that are presented as problematic.

First of all, Farias pointed out that the data of Coin.Dance shows the volume of P2P markets in Latin American markets, showing how in the countries with higher inflationary rhythm, an increase in the amount of operations can be seen, making special mention of the markets of Venezuela and Argentina.

On the other hand, he also made reference to the report by Chainalysis, where the volume of 2 billion dollars was reflected, demarcating that there is an established market in the region and showing how the crypto currencies have served to evade capital controls and speed up the remittance market.

Venezuela in the Ecosystem

Likewise, Farias also focused his presentation on the case of Venezuela, and for this he started by saying that since Cryptobuyer they have studied statistics that show that by December 2019, only 0.5% of the transactions in Venezuela were made through online transactions, while by December 2020 they saw that those transactions already exceed 3%, which demarcates a growth for this type of payments in the nation.

On the other hand, the CEO of Cryptobuyer focused on explaining how an incensurable asset like Bitcoin has been so popular in Venezuela, and also explained the experience the company has had in promoting satellite nodes in the country and the work they have been doing to install a Mesh network, to be able to make Bitcoin transactions without the need of having an internet connection.

Finally, Farias was explaining the experience of Cryptobuyer in Venezuela, mentioning how they have been emerging to offer businesses the possibility of charging in crypto currencies for their customers.

ViaBTC tar tillbaka sina lönsamma Crypto Cloud Mining

ViaBTC tar tillbaka sina lönsamma Crypto Cloud Mining Services inför toppmöjligheter

Alla marknader är cykliska och kryptovalutamarknaderna skiljer sig inte åt. På kryptobubblans höjdpunkt 2017 ville alla komma in i Bitcoin. Människor klättrade för att köpa tillgången och altcoins på börser som CoinEx, medan andra tog gruvmetoden genom att bidra till det underliggande blockchain-nätverket.

Men när den hausseartade cykeln slutade blev kryptogruvan mindre lönsam och tjänster som molnbrytning försvann. Mining av digitala tillgångar har dock blivit lönsamma än en gång, nu när dessa tillgångar Bitcoin Code når de värderingar som de uppnått i de svindlande höjderna under 2017-rallyet.

Den lukrativa möjligheten har orsakat en efterfrågan på molntjänster för gruvkryptering och gruvpoolen ViaBTC har lanserat en ny och förbättrad version av sina populära molntjänster.

ViaBTC lanserade nya BTC- och ETH Cloud Mining-kontrakt när krypto återupptas

ViaBTC, den välkända Bitcoin-gruvpoolen, och leverantören av kryptogrindstjänster och -produkter, har tagit tillbaka sina molngruvkontrakt för Bitcoin och Ethereum.

De nya kontrakten innehöll toppmoderna maskiner med en jämn och stark hash-hastighet. Så mycket som 17PH / s erbjuds för BTC, medan ETH-kontrakt är knutna till 44GH / s.

Kunder kan registrera sig för olika längdvillkor och betala med en mängd olika kryptotillgångar, inklusive USDT, BTC, BCH, ETH eller LTC. Tjänster och priser för molnbrytning är perfekta för individer eller entusiaster som vill komma in i kryptovaluta.

Det är ett smart sätt att investera betydande medel på avancerad utrustning och en korrekt installation. Cloud mining-kontrakt som utnyttjar ViaBTCs hashkraft ger bästa möjliga avkastning.

Och när institutioner börjar växa sin omfattande verksamhet blir gruvutrustning av hög kvalitet svårare att få tag på. Lösningen, säger Eddie Jiang, Partner och COO för ViaBTC, är deras molntjänster.

„Genom att lansera molntjänsten har vi sänkt gruvtröskeln“, säger Eddie Jiang, partner och COO på ViaBTC. „Även om det finns fler institutionella aktörer som kommer in i denna bransch för att starta stora gruvgårdar, kan enskilda gruvarbetare fortfarande delta och dra nytta av att köpa molngruvkontrakt.“

Varför Cloud Crypto Mining är den perfekta lösningen för individer på den institutionsdominerade marknaden

Crypto mining för individer blir ännu dyrare att börja på grund av de höga avkastningarna. Detta har också gjort det mer attraktivt för större spelare som nu kommer i rymden i massor. Genom att utnyttja ViaBTC-kontrakt istället för att köpa dyr utrustning är inte bara avkastningen bättre totalt sett, utan det är en mycket mindre riskabel situation.

Tänk till exempel på ett scenario där gruvutrustningen du spenderade en förmögenhet på plötsligt går sönder eller överhettas. Du sitter fast utan några inkomster för att kompensera för de pengar du lägger ner, och du kan hamna fast med en dud av en rigg.

ViaBTC kan rädda dig ur situationer som dessa eftersom de tar risken för trasig utrustning och får dig omedelbart tillbaka på rätt spår utan några hicka. I grund och botten är det som att betala för en hel gruvarbetskraft till ditt förfogande, för bara en bråkdel av kostnaden.

För att lära dig mer om ViaBTCs nyligen lanserade molntjänsttjänster, besök

Bybit lanza contratos de futuros trimestrales y subcuentas

Los contratos de futuros ofrecerán un apalancamiento máximo de hasta 100x y un tamaño máximo de pedido de 1 millón de dólares.

La bolsa de derivados de criptodivisa Bybit está lanzando contratos de futuros trimestrales para ampliar sus ofertas de derivados de criptodivisa.

En la actualidad, la bolsa cuenta con más de un millón de usuarios registrados, y el director general de Bybit, Ben Zhou, espera que estos servicios creen una mejor experiencia comercial para los usuarios de la plataforma.

Se espera que los contratos de futuros se lancen el 30 de noviembre de 2020, y ofrecerá un apalancamiento máximo de hasta 100x y un tamaño máximo de pedido de 1 millón de dólares.

Los contratos no tendrán una cuota de financiación y permitirán a los usuarios mantener sus posiciones de forma gratuita mientras el contrato siga siendo válido.

A través del contrato de futuros trimestral BTCUSD, los inversores podrán invertir en el mercado de activos digitales sin tener que comprar o poseer directamente Bitcoin (BTC).

En la fecha de lanzamiento, dos contratos de futuros denominados BTUSD1225 y BTCUSD0326 entrarán en vigor con las fechas de liquidación del 25 de diciembre de 2020 y el 26 de marzo de 2021, respectivamente.

Más tarde, Bybit también planea lanzar tres nuevos contratos de futuros apodados BTCUSD0625, BTCUSD0924, y BTCUSD1224 el 11 de diciembre de 2020, el 12 de marzo de 2021, y el 11 de junio de 2021. Estos tres contratos se liquidarán el 25 de junio, el 24 de septiembre y el 24 de diciembre de 2021, respectivamente.

Además de los contratos de futuros trimestrales, Bybit también está agregando subcuentas. Las subcuentas permitirán tanto a los inversionistas minoristas como a los institucionales de Bybit crear cuentas secundarias vinculadas a las primarias.

Estas subcuentas pueden atribuirse a diferentes comerciantes y utilizar diferentes estrategias de negociación. Los inversores institucionales podrán crear estas cuentas y compartirlas con sus empleados para darles un acceso limitado a las actividades comerciales.

Por último, en el marco de su tercer aniversario, Bybit también se integra en la plataforma de comercio de divisas MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

Se espera que esta asociación ayude a que más operadores de divisas inviertan en el mercado de activos digitales y diversifiquen su cartera de inversiones.

Como a Bitcoin Notches All-Time High, Winklevoss Twins Foresee ’25x-40x‘ Ganhos da Cryptocurrency

O Bitcoin atingiu um recorde histórico na segunda-feira, marcando um preço recorde de $19.864, como relatado pela Fox Business. Esta moeda criptográfica foi maior do que o recorde anterior estabelecido em dezembro de 2017.

Os Winklevoss têm sido defensores sinceros da moeda digital por anos. Tyler e Cameron, que ganharam US$ 65 milhões em uma ação judicial contra o Facebook e Mark Zuckerberg, investiram US$ 11 milhões em bitcoin em 2013. Dois anos depois, os gêmeos Winklevoss lançaram a Gemini, „uma bolsa de ativos digital privada e licenciada que também oferece serviços de custódia para participações digitais“.

Na segunda-feira, enquanto a Bitcoin continuava seu movimento ascendente, os gêmeos Winklevoss apareceram na Squawk Box da CNBC, onde disseram que o melhor ainda está por vir em relação à Bitcoin.

„Nossa tese é que o Bitcoin é ouro 2.0 e irá perturbar o ouro“. Se o fizer, terá que ter um limite de mercado de 9 trilhões de dólares“, disse Tyler ao entrevistador Seema Mody. „Portanto, pensamos que a bitcoin poderia um dia custar 500.000 dólares por bitcoin“. Portanto, a $18.000 bitcoin é um porão ou se você não tiver nenhuma oportunidade de compra, porque achamos que há um 25x a partir daqui“.

„Achamos que será o ativo com melhor desempenho da década atual“, declarou Tyler, que é o fundador de um crypto-exchange. „Bitcoin ainda é o ativo com melhor desempenho do ano, mesmo em comparação com as ações“.

„Acho que muitos investidores estão entrando e percebendo que a inflação, há um espectro de inflação lá fora e como você se protege contra isso?

Eu acho que não há muito debate sobre toda a dívida que aumentou nos EUA, a impressão do dinheiro, então como você se defende contra isso“? perguntou Cameron. „Acho que muitas pessoas estão começando a perceber que o bitcoin é realmente a melhor defesa e oferece a oportunidade de um retorno assimétrico de algo como 25 a 40x a partir daqui. Não creio que haja um ativo no universo que possa oferecer esse tipo de potencial de forma credível e proteger contra a inflação“.

„Não precisa realmente ser um grande meio de troca, só precisa ser melhor do que o ouro e é melhor em toda a linha“, disse Cameron. „Então bitcoin, o fornecimento é fixado em 21 milhões. O ouro é escasso. O software Bitcoin pode ser enviado pela internet, como o e-mail, o ouro é hardware e é difícil de transportar“.

A Mody perguntou aos gêmeos Winklevoss se eles estão preocupados com as regulamentações governamentais que estão sendo cobradas contra a moeda digital.

„Em 2013, havia uma pergunta sobre se o bitcoin seria banido“, respondeu Tyler. „Já passamos por isso“. Acreditávamos em uma regulamentação saudável e cuidadosa. Não vemos que isso não continue“. Pensamos que o bitcoin veio para ficar, pensamos que uma regulamentação cuidadosa em torno dele nos EUA e em outras jurisdições sofisticadas também está aqui para ficar“.

Bitcoin tem tido um histórico de ser extraordinariamente volátil.